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Introduction, First Post, and Rogue Ramblings.

Hello Fellow Bloggers and Readers!

I used to find it difficult to write about myself. Actually, I still do. I’ve been defined many years by the different hats I have worn. I am “Mom” to three, “Honey” to my husband, “Teacher” to the 20 pre-k students I am honored to teach each year, “Friend” to those whom I am close to, “Sister” to my three sisters, and “Daughter” to my parents. I am sure there are a plethora of names I have been called either to my face and I have forgotten or behind my back which went unheard.

Underneath all of those titles I am me: an amateur picture taker, want to be writer, over ambitious teacher, lover of words, foods, my pets, and sappy movies.

I am new to blogging as I typically write in my notebooks so I am sure there will be a learning curve as I muddle through all of this. Come along with me as we explore lessons I’ve learned in life, questions I have of life, happenings of the day, and who knows what else!

Thanks for reading and spending time with me!